What ASEMEA is?

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ASEMEA The European Society for Better Relations and Business Development with the countries of Asia, the Middle East and Africa is a non profit and non-governmental organization located in Warsaw in Poland. It unites private persons, enterprises and organizations striving to popularize good practices of sharing the acquired knowledge and experience in the field of cooperation between the European Union and the countries of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It was founded on June 20, 2018. The ASEMEA Society is a response to the ever-increasing cross-border trade. Its purpose is to create conditions for the exchange of contacts, knowledge, experience and views of its members in the field of cooperation with Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. Its aim is to support entrepreneurs and show them the path to success in international economic expansion by facilitating their access to markets, suppliers and foreign products.

Belonging to an association gives you the opportunity to:

  • participation in industry training; gain proven business contacts;
  • using the practical knowledge of experts in the industry;
  • sharing your experience with others; exchange of views and search for common interests;
  • consulting innovative projects before they are implemented in order to minimize the risk;
  • getting to know the market, customs and business culture of the chosen country;
  • obtaining or recommending reliable, reliable and reliable suppliers;
  • using the information system (current events, trainings, fairs, conferences, seminars and news from the world);
  • occurrence on the non-European market;
  • reducing the costs associated with introducing the company to the non-European market;